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Finding Purpose in the Everyday Ordinary

Know your purpose and calling, recognize that everything and every action affects others in the debut book by


Have you ever wondered why you exist?


Or if what you are doing on a daily basis really has any meaning?  I have on many occasions.  Through the process of writing this book, God let me know that the largest assignments, as well as the simplest of tasks, has great meaning in His overall plan for our lives.  “Finding Purpose in the Everyday Ordinary” addresses knowing your purpose and calling, recognizing that everything and every action affects others, anticipating and overcoming challenges to your purpose, and navigating through each season of your purpose as it arrives.  As you read this book, you will be able to examine yourself to see where you fall, and then use scriptures and strategies to empower yourself to overcome every obstacle standing in the way of you fulfilling your everyday ordinary purpose in God.

About the book
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“…I had recently changed roles from a full-time career woman to a full-time stay-at-home mother. On top of that, we were in the middle of a pandemic in which I was not only isolated from family, church, and friends, but I had to rediscover what purpose I was serving after recently having a newborn and trying to corral two toddlers. Career roles were nonexistent, church roles seemed to be stripped away from me, and all I had left was Stephanie: wife and mother. I did not know who I was outside of that; it was overwhelming and seemed to be suffocating me. The very core of my existence was shaken, beginning to come off its foundations…I got to the point of “Why am I here, LORD?!! What is the point of all of this?!!”…However, I am a witness that as you seek God, He will begin to show you who you are apart from people’s expectations or even affirmations…And God will tell you, just as He told me, to find purpose in the everyday ordinary, for therein lies the key to reaching your destiny. We are all called to purpose, daily.”

-Excerpt from Finding Purpose in the Everyday Ordinary

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About the Author

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Stephanie Parham was born and raised in Indiana.  She grew up with her two brothers and one sister, going to church on a regular basis.  More importantly, she had parents who modeled the life of believers committed to God, although not perfect.  Stephanie has always worked in the church, gravitating towards the music and children’s ministries, and aspired to be married and have a family from the time she was a little girl.

Stephanie graduated from Indiana State University in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies and Biology and went on to graduate from the University of Evansville in 2007 with a Master of Physical Therapy degree.  She worked as a pediatric Physical Therapist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital for almost 13 years until she prayerfully resigned and took on the role of stay-at-home mom for a season.  This decision changed her life in ways she never could have imagined.  God has taught her so many life lessons through her daily conversations and interactions with her children.    

Stephanie is the proud wife of Major Leon Parham Jr. and the blessed mother of three beautiful children; Leon III, Joshua, and Lei’Lynn.

Although it has taken some time to arrive at this point, Stephanie lives her life with the motto of finding purpose in everything that she does, big or small.  She aspires to be found doing God’s will in each season of her life, bringing glory to God through it all.

About the Author


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